Flip Faster, Better and Stronger with Flipboard on the Web

Jenn de la Vega / February 27, 2015



With the launch of Flipboard on the Web, more people can experience Flipboard magazines anytime, anywhere. Here’s a breakdown of how you can boost your MagMaking workflow online.

The Basics

Make sure to log in so you can personalize your Flipboard Cover Stories and flip articles into magazines you’ve already created.

The new scrolling interface presents content in a clean and uncluttered way. As you browse Cover Stories, you’ll see highlights of everything you follow, where articles come from, and associated topics.


Topics have their own landing pages, so you can click on them to dive deep on anything you want to learn about. If you’ve ever spent hours on IMDB or Wikipedia exploring a subject, you’ll be happy to find that a similar experience is compiled visually on Flipboard.


Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 4.21.15 PM

Your Following tab can toggle between grid and list views. See every person, topic, source, and magazine that you follow on a bigger screen.



Best of all, your Flipboard.com URL is easy to remember. Just replace your user name after the @ symbol.



“Hover Stories”

Here is where your MagMaking workflow gets better. If you hover over a headline article image or around the +Flip button, other icons appear. You will see options to report, share out to social networks, like, and flip.


If you are looking through a magazine and want to share it, hover over the Share option below the bottom right of the cover image. You can send the magazine to your social networks and grab the embed code for your website under the same menu.



To rearrange your magazines or delete content, you must be logged in to editor.flipboard.com. If you keep two tabs open, you can flip articles and monitor the changes at the same time. In fact, you could be browsing multiple topics in different tabs. Imagine how much stuff you can go through in one day!

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