Verified Accounts, Analytics and End Cards: A Q&A on New Features for Publishers

Flipboard / December 17, 2015

Since we began, Flipboard has been committed to connecting people with the world’s best content. How? By helping those responsible for creating that content: publishers. That’s why we’re rolling out a new set of features designed specifically with our partners in mind. On behalf of our entire team, we asked Sarah Gallagher, Head of Publisher Partnerships, to explain what those features are and what Flipboard’s plans for publishers will be in the near future.

So what’s new and how will these tools help publishers?
There’s a whole list of features, but they are all meant to give publishers a stronger presence on Flipboard and, over time, easier ways to track and sell the traffic they get from us. Let me tell you about each one:

  • Our initial rollout of analytics and reporting allows our publishers to use comScore for audience attribution and Google Analytics to track Flipboard traffic.
  • Check out end cards! The more articles people read, the more publisher content is surfaced in end cards, a new area recommending additional stories.
  • Verified accounts are live on Flipboard. This new kind of authentication means that publishers can take ownership of their brand and be quickly identified as credible to readers.
  • With unified profiles, readers no longer have to go to separate destinations to enjoy a publisher’s content and Flipboard Magazines. Now everything is streamlined on a single profile page. We’ll be continuing to migrate publishers to profiles in the coming months.

Why is this important?
Flipboard is built on the great content made by our publisher partners. That content deserves to be seen. We are committed to continuous improvement in support of our publishers, and we’re constantly thinking of ways to help publishers distribute their work. These features speak to that commitment.

What about native advertising?
Yes! Flipboard recently launched its native advertising program, which features Promoted Items, a high-quality, high-performing product. Watch this space for more updates in 2016 as we start to roll the program out more broadly to our publishers.

What can publishers expect in the future?
These additions are just the beginning! We’ll continue to add features and tools for publishers because we are committed to ensuring that great content thrives and moves the world forward. Our partners make all of that possible. In short: stay tuned, there’s more good stuff to come.

~ShonaS and SarahG are reading Year in Review and The Getting Things Done Collection