The Power of Juxtaposition: Promoted Collections

Business Blog / November 16, 2015

promoted_collectionThere’s an interesting phenomenon that happens when two or more pieces of great content join forces. A synergy occurs allowing that combination to become greater than the sum of its parts. Flipboard’s Promoted Collections is the realization of this effect.

Promoted Collections combine multiple pieces of content into a unified, mobile unit which are then strategically dropped into the relevant feeds of followers around that particular topic.

For example, a brand can take a great piece of video content, marry it with a powerful product shot, and then compliment them with a third-party story expressing the real world benefits of that very product. It’s an exclusive approach that provides an easy way to create a narrative simply by associating three to five of separate pieces of content.

The juxtaposition of these varying content types—video, imagery, editorial—creates an absolutely unique advertising experience that’s brief, yet potent, creating an elevating impact. Promoted Collections act almost like a miniature magazine that is natively and contextually placed and served in a manner that’s very authentic to the reading experience on Flipboard.

Looking for a venue to tell real and useful stories, while sharing brand messaging in a genuine and natural way?

Leverage the power to unite content with Promoted Collections.

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