Flipboard 2015: The Year in Advertising

Business Blog / December 22, 2015

As we wrap 2015, we’re looking back on an amazing year in which we have welcomed some of the most admired brands on Flipboard such as Apple, Starbucks and Disney. We also expanded our portfolio of ad formats, created an Interest Graph to improve targeting and increase relevancy, and grew our audience. Here is a look at some of the highlights of the year in advertising and brands on Flipboard. Simply click an image to expand for a closer look.

Sales Infographic 2015_1

Why are brands like Rolex, Woodford Reserve, Bulgari and Emirates on Flipboard? Here are some clues: the Flipboard audience has a higher than average income and also scores higher than the national average when it comes to spending that income. Plus, based on Datalogix data and Flipboard’s Interest Graph, we know where to reach the right people at the right time, in the right context. They are also very active when it comes to consuming content. Together, Flipboard users flipped 100 billion pages.

Sales Infographic 2015_2

Sales Infographic 2015_3If you have the travel bug or you have a bucket list with dream destinations, you may have noticed the beautiful ads from The Leading Hotels, Westin, Marriott, Korean Air and many others in the last few months. This year, travel surpassed retail as the industry with the most advertisers on Flipboard. Just like two years ago, automotive and financial services hold strong in respectively 2nd and 3rd place.

Sales Infographic 2015_4And the winners are… Well, everyone’s a winner on Flipboard and advertising is not a competition, but we wanted to share the most viewed ads and brands. Starbucks, Disney and Samsung are running beautiful campaigns that truly engage their audience. Flipboard is commonly used for brand building and demand creation, just like print ads and TV commercials.

Sales Infographic 2015_5

In 2015, we expanded the types of ad formats brands can run on Flipboard, adding new forms of native advertising to our portfolio in support of growing content marketing efforts. Brands can run Promoted Stories and Promoted Videos with Cinema Loop.

It’s not just that people on Flipboard read these stories by brands, they also share them with like friends and likeminded people. It’s testament to the fact that these brands make relevant content that people enjoy to engage with.